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          Zhongtian Mica is a set of product research and production, and sales of integrated enterprise, the main product of mica paper, the fire-resistant wire and cable mica tape, mica plate of electric equipment, high temperature, epoxy commutator mica plate.more than 1,000 varieties and specifications of the mica electric film heating panels, high temperature silicone resin ... [more]


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        1. Do we have plenty experience in international trade? 

        -Yes. Good Service will provide. We have more than 7 years…

        2. Can we provide stable quality products? 

        -Yes. We have most certification like: ISO, IEC, ROHS, SGS…

        3. How is our competitive superiority?

        - High quality products, cost-efficient price, excellent service…

                                                  4. How is our recent market?

                                                  - We have stable customer in Korea, Europe, America, and etc…

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