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Mica Roll is specially pressed mica product, which is made of Phlogopite mica paper, glass cloth, harmless ceramic fiber and silicon resin.



1、Excellent electrical insulation
2、Good dielectric strength
3、High temperature resistant
4、Excellent mechanical strength



Mica Roll are based on phologpite mica paper reinforced by glass cloth , harmless ceramic fiber according to customer' requirement




NO. Item Unit  
1 Thickness mm 0.2-0.8
2 Density g/cm3 1.8±0.2
3 Length m/roll 25/50/100
4 Width mm 1000
5 Dielectric Strength KV/mm >15
6 Tensile Strength N/15mm ≥100
7 Mica Content % >80
8 Binder Content % 12±3
9 Fire Grades °C >800



















Left is glass fibre, right is phlogopite mica paper